Friday, July 17, 2015

What I plan on doing...

This is a strange endeavor. I plan on writing a review and teacher/parent activity guide to 365 picture books/graphic novels over the next 365 days.

I don't know what sort of strange teacher on summer break "I-can-do-everything" sort of mind fog has come over me, but I am starting it. (And believe me, when I working in my classroom, teaching at the community college, and trying to raise an infant and a four year old, I think this is a stupid thing to add to my plate. But... summer fogs win out.)

As a father, English teacher, Early Childhood Studies instructor, local Reading Association president, and self-proclaimed children's book lover, I wanted to create a go-to space for parents, teachers, and students to find ideas to start using picture books with kids. I will try to stay kid and learning-centric, because I am sick of everyone swooning over "Love You Forever" and "Goodnight Moon"--seriously, they have their place in the world, but to most kids they suck.

So this blog will journal my book reviews and things to do with books. It is partly inspired by a reading association friend who always says, "Picture books should be in secondary classrooms." I tend to agree, so I will bring up some books perfect for high school; however, this blog will mostly focus on elementary classroom uses. Many of the titles will be popular or familiar, while some will be obscure curiosities I discover along the way. (Hey, maybe some people will even send me some titles to check out.) I will throw in some graphic novels (I am a recovering comic book geek), and every so often I may even include more than just ideas... Stay tuned.

And now... onto a journey into 365 (more or less) picture books.

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